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Caffeine & Ink is an independent group of writers, editors, and illustrators working together to find our voices in the crowded world of publishing. Since we run under our own banner we handpick the stories we want to tell and labor tirelessly to produce work that reflects the hearts and minds of our creators.



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Publishing Panels

Creative Writing 101

Take a master class with writer’s and editors, from Caffeine and Ink, in this small workshop designed to give you helpful lessons and insight into the world of story telling.

How to Publish your work, from Fan-Fiction to Published Novel

Are you an aspiring writer but don’t want to go through the madness needed to get a book published by a traditional big-box publisher? Do you wish to learn from experienced writer’s and editors who have undergone Self and Traditional publishing of their works? This workshop will help you on your way. We’ve been teaching young writer’s and aspiring self-publishers how to get started and how to avoid the pitfalls @ AMA for more than 5 years, don’t miss out!

Negotiating Contracts for Artists and Writers

Are you a local artist aspiring to get your work into pro-markets? Are you a writer attempting to do the same? The contracting process can be a frustrating road to travel without experience. This course will give you insights from both sides of the equation and talk about all of the arguments given from all parties. Whether you are a creative, a designer, or an aspiring producer of media.

Meet Caffeine and Ink

We have grown out of our shell from a small relatively independent publisher to a respected producer of meaningful, award winning, works of fiction. Join us, as a large roster of our company is in attendance of this years Anime Mid-Atlantic. From voice actors turned authors, to editors, writer’s, illustrators and friends.

Author Panels

L.G. Ransom

Killing Mary Sue Weaboo

Creating believable heroes for your fictional stories that no one wants to kill outright. Author L.G. Ransom takes you through 5 critical steps to help avoid the Mary Sue plague and eventually develop your original characters into strong, relatable “people” that readers won’t want to burn in effigy (unless you want them to).

Master of the Universe

How to create your own fictional universe in a dimension far, far, away. Love writing fan-fiction in someone else’s galaxy? Want to create your own fictional dimension, but don’t know how? Author L.G. Ransom walks you through the first steps you need to take to be the master of your own original story universe.

From Fan-Fiction to Publication 

Author LG Ransom gives you 10 critical steps you need should know in order to be taken seriously in the world of publishing. How do I know them? Come to the panel and find out!

Fandom Panels

Guests Uncensored

After hours and 18+.

Ending the Nerdrage Series

  • Most Powerful Anime Characters of All Time
  • Most Powerful Mech of All Time
  • Most Powerful Gundam of All Time
  • Greatest Science Fiction Villain of All Time
  • Greatest Science Fiction Hero of All Time
  • Marvel or DC? Who has the Most Powerful Superheroes
  • Marvel or DC? Who has the Most Powerful Super-Villain of All Time

Each of these panels has been led by our editors over the years to highly attended events and maintained topics which have been hotly debated. Through the years our editors have compiled their lists and arguments for the above and we at Caffeine and Ink have heard arguments from attendees in support and against these choices. The panels are action packed, exciting, and allows attendees to do what they love to do best…debate about their favorite characters and stories, and their powers.

In 2017 we have all new revisions to these panels and we look forward to presenting them at your convention.

Marvel vs DC: Cinematic Universes Collide

With both Marvel and DC cinematic universes beginning to take shape, join EF Camacho, one of the editors of ComicBookMovie.Com and contributing writer to Flickering Myth, What Culture, and Geek columns for the Guardian and discuss current films, wild theories, where these beloved stories are likely going and what else Hollywood has in store. Whether you love either studio or both. Bring a drink and be ready for fanboy and fangirl joygasms and saltiness to hit the air.

Header Image by James Good