Submitting books to Caffeine & Ink is a simple process.
You have two ways to submit a book.

1. Digital: Via email
2. Printed Manuscript: Via a directly mailed manuscript

Before you submit a book to Caffeine & Ink, there are a few things you need to have in order to make sure it is received, read, and considered:

1. Cover Letter
2. Cover Page
3. Formatting
4. Edited and Revised Manuscript

Cover Letter

The cover letter needs to be one page and have a simple and succinct synopsis of your book. It should also provide an immediate and clear description of who you are, some of your background, and what your goals are for this manuscript.

Cover Page

The cover page should be formatted properly according to publishing standards. It should contain the title of the book, a page count, word count, your address, phone number, email, and other pertinent contact information.

Do not include your social security number on this document. A publisher will only ever need this information for copyright filing and this is far from the point to submit such sensitive information.


Your book should be double spaced using either TIMES NEW ROMAN or COURIER NEW fonts while using a 12 point font size. The book should be contained in a Word (.doc or .docx) file not in the body of the email itself.  Nor should the cover page of the book be contained in the email itself. Your book should not be submitted in software normally utilized to create layouts, such as Adobe PageMaker (or the like). Submissions like this will be ignored and discarded.

You should be using your Last Name and the Title of the book in the header of your pages beginning with the 1st page of your manuscript. The 1st Page does not begin with your cover. You can begin your first Page at the opening of Chapter One (1). A page number at the bottom center of each page is also needed, and can begin at the opening of Chapter One (1).

If your manuscript has a ‘dedication’, ‘about the author’, ‘Table of Contents’, and ‘thank you pages’, among others, do not include them in your submission. Your manuscript should only include: A Cover Page and (at least) your FIRST THREE CHAPTERS.

Edited and Revised Book(s)

Caffeine & Ink does have editors and proofreaders that will aide in the development of a manuscript if said manuscript is accepted and its author contracted. However, Caffeine & Ink expects you to submit a clean manuscript that has been revised and edited for errors, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Any manuscripts with glaring problems in an author’s control over the English language will be immediately discarded.

What Happens Now?

If you meet the criteria above, and your book is in the Children’s, Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy Fiction categories. We would like to give it a read. All books sent, physical or digital, will not be sent back and there is no guarantee we will actually read them. Once submitted there is also no expectation of Caffeine & Ink communicating with the sender of said work. Communication only occurs if we are interested in contracting your work for publication.

Does Caffeine & Ink Charge for publication, editing, and cover creation services? Do I need to submit a deposit or payment once my manuscript is accepted?

NO! Absolutely Not. Writers do not pay to get published or listed on any publisher catalogs. Writers do not put money into the process. That is our job!  If your manuscript is accepted, Caffeine & Ink will contact you and begin the process of negotiation to fairly acquire your work. We do not, and will never, charge a writer to be listed on our catalog, nor do we expect payment to publish your work.


Digital Submissions: 

All email sent submissions through our SUBMISSIONS page should contain this information in the subject: Genre, Title, and Author Name. All Digital Manuscripts should be sent via Word (.doc or .docx) format and be titled in the following manner: example:SUBMISSION_Genre_Title_Of_The_Book_Author_Name.docx

Digital Manuscripts CANNOT be more than 2MB in size. Anything larger will be automatically rejected by our form.

Physical Submissions: 

Details regarding our printed manuscript requirements and mailing address will be updated in the near future.

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