Legacy of Hollin Variant

Legacy of Hollin

 By L.G. Ransom

One Girl. One destiny. Eighteen-year-old Kricket Hollin is just beginning to understand that fate has thrust her from an insignificant existence on a backwater colony world into that of a princess of the Rheigan Empire. Kricket is now recognized as Hollin’s Heir but she still has very little idea what that truly means. Her instincts are telling her to trust Prince Coltame and Goman but in allying herself with the Rheigans, she knows that she is defying her mother and brothers. Without knowing if she’s placed her trust in the right empire, it’s critical that Kricket decide soon. Both sides believe she is the key to the most powerful weapon known to mankind. As Kricket’s home colony world of PC236 burns, the crew of the spaceship Nadir realize they have far more troubles than a fleet of Roan Exterminator ships and the infamous General Thezlah’s arrival. Not only have more of Professor DeSirpi’s cryptors sabotaged the Nadir’s primary computer systems, Captain Jaget receives the terrifying word that the deadly, alien Trogoul have entered the system and are on a mission to ensure Hollin’s heir never rises to power. There is no escape, the Nadir must stand and fight, but the odds are desperately against them. The Sentinel Dawn Series continues with Book II: Legacy of Hollin. With all of humanity’s hopes now focused on the unlikeliest of youths, Kricket must somehow learn to take destiny by the hand and direct her own fate – determining all of humanity’s precarious future in the process. As the saying goes, “Sometimes, all it takes is one girl to change everything.”

ISBN: 9781538079621
Cover: Andi Espinosa
Editors: EF Camacho