Hollin's Heir

Hollin’s Heir

Sometimes, it takes just one extraordinary girl to change everything. The Emperor Zoujin is dying, the empire itself is on the brink of civil war, the pirate Malizore is on the rise, and the alien Trogoul are perilously close to eradicating the human race once and for all.

Things are dire indeed…

However, the gods of mystical Annon aren’t about to give up on humanity just yet.

In the backwater colony of PC236, Kricket Holland wanted nothing more than to be a normal teenage girl… but that was never to be. Rescued from the clutches of the pirate Malizore by the Imperial Battleship Nadir, she discovers nothing in her life was what she thought it was; including herself. Before Kricket can even begin to understand what’s happening to her, she is thrust as a confused player into a galaxy of intrigue, with all of humanity’s eyes on her…

Hollin’s Heir follows Kricket’s story as she is catapulted into a strange new universe where lineage is everything and war is imminent; where she will be hunted by forces she doesn’t understand. In a span of only a few days, she must decide who she can really trust, claim her place among strange new worlds, and uncover what her role will be in unearthing the greatest defender known to mankind…the A.D.E.M.

ISBN: 978-0-9838475-8-8
Cover: Andi Espinosa
Editors: EF Camacho