My name’s Lincoln Bright.

I’m one of those few people you might classify as a sensitive, what some call an Attuned. In other words, I see and hear things other people don’t. Horrible things no one should ever want to encounter.

Lucky for me, I handle this sort of nasty business. I see Glims.

Glims are what’s left over when a person dies. Everyone leaves a Glim. Everyone…Though they usually only hang around for a few minutes at most. The ones that don’t leave, the ones that keep hanging around? The scary kind? Yeah, them’s the ones I got to clear. If I don’t, they create Gaunts. Gaunts are sour places where bad things happen and the longer a Glim hangs about, the bigger that Gaunt gets and those bad things…well, they get worse. A lot worse. Opening doorways for The Dead to come through.

The less said about them the better.

You don’t want to meet the Dead.

Not ever…

My name’s Lincoln and you don’t want to meet me either.

I’m an Attuned. I see Glims. I face down the Dead.

ISBN: 9781734381603
Cover: Oscar Romero
Editors: EF Camacho, Gabriel Novo