EF Camacho

EF Camacho

Emanuel has been writing since before he realized he wanted a career in writing. During his college years he published works in student-based journals while attending medical school and co-authored textbooks for Ziff-Davis. Afterwards he co-founded a small studio to distribute anime and promote video games which allowed him the freedom to work within the convention industry as a consultant. He wrote thousands of articles for various news outlets and media websites surrounding those industries as a result. All while finishing his medical studies. Despite all of this, he didn’t consider himself a writer. He was an academic at heart. But he left behind lucrative work from his virological studies and decided to focus on his businesses. One that, without his realization at the time, would push him toward his career as a publisher and editor of speculative fiction.

Emanuel would go on writing thousands more articles while being an editor/producer for Guardian LV, NBC, Univision, WSVN7 in Miami, and a local Mega-Church. He started to make a decent living with his writing and was party to a number of consulting jobs in the publishing industry.

Cancer may likely have fully focused his career. After having to take a hiatus on the extensive travel his consulting and project management work gave him, he decided it was time to focus writing for online media and to edit for newspapers even though he had never wanted to be a journalist. Parlaying his extensive library of articles and high traffic genre-specific material across a number of media outlets he was able to begin editing for a number of entertainment based websites, including Comic Book Movie, Flickering Myth, along with contributing articles to What Culture, Unreality Magazine, and a number of others – like The Verge, CNet, Techsource, and was even invited to contribute to PlayStation Magazine, PC Magazine, and Electronic Gaming Monthly.

When he received a lucrative book deal offer for his memoir, he instead decided to build a publishing house of his own and work with writers who may not have had the same advantages. Thus began his journey into publishing.

His first novel, I Think? No, I’m Sure…God Hates Me, was the first bestseller for his small company eventually joined by Hollin’s Heir and Rhest for the Wicked. In addition to his publishing work, he has ghost written novels for Black Library (Warhammer) and Del Rey (Star Wars) and even completed a treatment for a Robotech Shadow Chronicles novelization with fellow writer, Robert V. Aldrich.

These days most of his time is focused around editing and developing books for his authors, but he still finds time for his own projects. Recently he has written an early readers picture book discussing the issues of death and loss for very young children tentatively titled: When is Mommy Going to Wake Up? I Want to Play with Her (slated for a 2020/2021 release) and a companion novel for the Sentinel Dawn series with the (tentative) title: Sentinel Apocalypse. He’s also working on a comic book series titled: Skullboyz that is currently being shopped, developing a Role Playing Game with the Gamers of Comedy titled: Beasties & Bygones (also slated to release 2020/2021), the long awaited follow-up to his  memoir titled: Life | Face | Punch, and is finishing a science fiction trilogy he has been working on for the better part of five years: Those From Which The Darkness Come.

Later this year, he will be releasing an updated edition to his memoir with the much shorter title: God Hates Me, which will include five all-new stories.