Laura Aguinaga

Laura Aguinaga is a Puerto Rican and Peruvian woman native to Queens, New York. A versatile actress with an ability to show range in both drama and comedy, demonstrated in her roles in Gotham, Shades of Blue, The Blacklist, and VH-1’s The Breaks. Earning her role as the face for the Official Latino Short Film Festival.

Winner of the 2018 Unfringed Festival for the Off-Broadway play ‘Eight Tales of Pedro’ Laura has recently booked a supporting role in the feature ‘Inside the Rain’ starring Eric Roberts, has performed in the Off-Broadway show ‘Latin Lives’ as well as voicing Oja Kimota in the animated web series Prodigal X.

Recently, Laura was interviewed by ABC News about the importance of diversity in film and television; she’s featured in several magazines including Turitmo, INtense Magazine, Le Mode Magazine, and The Queens Tribune highlighting her acting career.

Her SAG-AFTRA short film ‘Short Steps’ which she both wrote and directed was selected and screened at The Official Short Latino Film Festival and was up for two awards including for Best Drama.

Laura’s ability on stage and screen is also mirrored by her talent as a budding writer. She is completing her first Science Fiction & Fantasy novel tentatively titled, Artemisia. The book is scheduled for release in 2021.