The Nib

Eli Iagulli

Eli, an avid independent writer of fantasy stories, has lived a life surrounded by books on fantasy, epic quests, and medieval literature. She’s been working on a number of manuscripts for Caffeine & Ink, the first being the start of her Destiny’s Sword series, A Walk with Fate. This will mark her debut as a published fantasy novelist.

When she’s not busy writing her latest fantasy adventure Eli enjoys video games, board games, and has volunteered extensively over the years for numerous conventions in Virginia even overseeing gaming events with her husband. She’s also an enthusiastic role-player of such games as Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire: The Masquerade, other World of Darkness games, and Final Fantasy.

Eli is usually quiet, calm, and exceptionally reserved, but get her reading excerpts from her novel and she’ll come to life. You’ll be moved by her words. That we guarantee.

Book I of the Destiny’s Sword Series, A Walk with Fate, releases in 2020.

She’s also currently developing the other books in the trilogy, A Stroll with a Sword and A Run from Destiny, which are slated for release at later times.