Ed Shannon

Edward Shannon

Edward Shannon began his creative path as a classically trained violist, later studying electric viola along with several other musical instruments. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology from Florida International University, where he focused on both traditional and electronic composition.

Originally from Miami, Ed has lived in Los Angeles since 2010, where he’s added a variety of film production and post-production skills to his repertoire, as well as becoming a computer animator. L.A. is where he took the plunge into the insightful yet bizarre world of stand-up comedy and the expressive field of writing. In addition to generating his own stand-up material, he has co-written several screenplays, and is the co-author of the upcoming roleplaying game Beasties & Bygones, published by Caffeine & Ink.

If he’s not on stage in front of a microphone, you’ll most likely find Ed enjoying himself at a Gothic/Industrial/80s club. Giddily reveling in the delightfully dark atmosphere, savoring both the imbibing of libations and the frivolity of flirtations, while always embracing his role upon the dance floor as the entrancing satyr that he truly is.

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Beasties & Bygones