David Fielding

David J. Fielding

David J. Fielding writes about things that intrigue, trouble, and send a shiver down the back of his neck. In the few short years he’s been on the planet he’s enjoyed a wide variety of occupations in addition to writing – these include being a school bus driver, an industrial plant worker, a meat market deli-counter helper, a drama teacher and an actor. As an actor, he had a brief stint as a well-known character on an insanely popular television series, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, playing the original mentor, Zordon, who guided the rangers through their adventures. He enjoys appearing at Comic Book Conventions and taking care of his two cats, Serena and Phoebe.

Glims, A Lincoln Bright Novel, is David’s first entry in the Lincoln Bright trilogy. Book II, Gaunts, will be following and releasing in 2020, immediately concluding in Book III, The Dead, following soon after.

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